Excuse me…may I borrow that?

We borrow a lot of things from the outside world to put inside our bodies.  Metal for stents, plastic for joints, porcelain for teeth etc.  We also borrow things from other animals like pigs and cows for our heart valves and pancreas.  But what amazes me most is what we borrow from ourselves.  More like take, really, because it never gets returned to its original home.

There’s the obvious, like veins from our legs to bypass our coronary arteries.  The brilliant, like fat, tissue and circulation from our abdomen to make new breastsI (tummy tuck and new knockers all in one!).  And then there’s the slightly more bizarre, like taking colon to make a new bladder.  Neobladder.  Imagine the guy who thought of that one night after a few gin and tonics.  “Hey…I wonder if I can take that guy’s shitter and make a pisser?”


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