I saved a dog from certain death

This doesn’t really have much to do with healthcare or nursing.  Get over it.  You’ll like this story.  I went to my local farmer’s market today hoping to pick up some nice fresh organic produce to take home and then try to disguise as much as possible in dinner so the hubs would eat it.  From the parking lot there is a little path through the trees that takes you to the market.  As I was walking toward this path, a woman comes tromping out with a bag full of market goods and two leashes attached to two dogs that are trailing behind her.  One of these leashes was a ‘two-in-one’.  As in two collars attached to one leash.  Apparently its hard to hold two leash handles in one hand.  I don’t know.  My concern would be more for the inevitable tangle any dogs of mine would make out of a setup like that. Anyway, one little dog had his own single leash and the other little dog was occupying one of the two collars on the two-in-one.  The second collar was bumping and dragging along next to him as he trailed after his human who was beelining for her Prius.  As I’m seeing this, the first thing that pops into my head (immediately after I lament about the illiteracy rates in my state as this woman clearly could not read the “no dogs in market” sign posted at the entrance) is “wouldn’t it be funny if there was supposed to be a dog attached to that leash”.  Or maybe she just hopes for a third someday down the road and she’s the uber prepared type.  Then as I am walking down the path towards the market I hear a man say, “is this anyone’s dog?” and sure enough moments later a little dog comes trotting my way, happy as a clam and without a collar or care in the world, fur blowing in the breeze.  I can’t help but hear Mel Gibson’s voice in my head yelling “Freeeeedom!!” He makes his way past me and towards the parking lot.  I turn around and manage to reach him just as he’s entering the busy parking lot, only to scare the bejezus out of him and make him dart even quicker into oncoming traffic.  The other guy who first noticed him is running after the oblivious owner as I’m in turn weaving in and out of cars that are kindly stopping for this little guy.  I finally am able to pick him up and (all the while hoping he doesn’t bite me) walk him over to his owner who, interestingly enough, can’t be bothered to even thank me.  Damn ungrateful woman! I should have just kept him and named him Winston.


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