I hate that word.

Sometimes I hate the word “nurse”.  Usually because its a patient yelling the word from down the hall because they’ve forgotten how to use their call light.  Or using it instead of my name.  Like at the end of my shift yesterday.  I’m doing my rounds, making sure everything is ship shape for the next shift & everyone is alive etc., and my patient says, “oh nurse, the ice melted in my water”.

[blank stare]. By me.  I mean, technically I don’t have to answer that.  It’s not a question.  But…

Three things.

First: Is it necessary to use the word “oh” in front of nurse?  Are we speaking in sonnets? Or iambic pentameter?

Second: It won’t kill you to polish off that water sans ice.  Or perhaps you would like a lemon slice when I bring the ice?  A lemon slice which I will desperately resist squirting on your surgical wound.  But lets not get carried away.

And third….you really don’t remember my name after 12+ hours? I mean…I remember your name, and I memorized pretty much every important detail about your body & your health.  And of my four other patients as well.

Guess I’m just not that memorable.  *sniff*


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